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Q. Assume you are part of a target market group (consumer) and you have been selected to take part in a focus group. You are asked to think about what you know about the Tesla brand, (knowledge you have that is related to Tesla).
In other words: What do you, as a consumer, think of when you think about Tesla?You will answer this by constructing a Schema diagram / associative network for Tesla. Schemas are schematic memories, or associative networks, that are also referred to as knowledge structures. Visiting the Tesla website will assist you with this assignment. (Links to an external site.)
How have other products you associate with Tesla influenced how you will remember Tesla?
What other factors also influence retrieval?
Brand image refers to the schematic memories of a brand. It contains the target markets interpretation of the product/brand or service, inclusive of attributes, beliefs, usage situations, users, and manufacturer/marketer characteristics. The nodes are what people think of when we hear or see a brand. These are a set of associations consumers have learned about the brand.
In addition, we can describe long term memory in terms of a schema, or associative network.
Researchers have found when new information is inconsistent with a schema, consumers engage in more diligent processing, and as a result have improved memory about the stimulus. Thus, when consumers receive information that deviates from expectation, they (we) allocate more cognitive capacity to it, and process it in greater depth.
Example Attached below of Southwest Airlines Schema.jpg
Reflection: The reflection piece of the assignment should be four to five sentences which will include what you thought about each weekly/module, discussions, topics, readings, etc.

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Q.  Assume you are part of a target market group (consumer) and you have been se
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