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Carefully review and read both end of chapter application cases from chapters 11 and 12 from the following required book for this class.
After reading and analyzing both case studies, address all case study questions found within the case studies in scholarly detail. In addition to answering all case study questions, put yourself in these situational cases and what ideas would you have to make any operational processes or process flows better where associated in the decision-making process?
Graded Assignment: Knowledge and Skills Paper
Paper Section 1: Reflection and Literature Review
Using Microsoft Word and Professional APA format, prepare a professional written paper supported with three sources of research that details what you have learned from chapters 11 and 12. This section of the paper should be a minimum of two pages.
Paper Section 2: Applied Learning Exercises
In this section of the professional paper, apply what you have learned from chapters 11 and 12 to descriptively address and answer the problems below. Important Note: Dot not type the actual written problems within the paper itself.
Search to find and possibly test some applications of artificial intelligence and ES. Consider a fictional or real organizational work environment for which you are currently part of or what to be part of and think about a decision-making problem that requires some expertise (but is not too complicated) for this type of work environment. Based on research, experience and or understanding of this work environment, identify the problems that are supported or can potentially be supported by rule-based systems. Some possible example areas could include, and is not limited to, selection of suppliers, selection of a new employee, job assignment, computer selection, market contact method selection, determination of admission into graduate school and or specific ones more suited to the established work environment based on experience and or desire.
How does knowledge management support decision-making? Identify products or systems on the Web that help organizations accomplish knowledge management. Start with brint.com and knowledgemanagement.com. Try one out and report your findings and learning experience.
Important Note: With limited time for a college class, perfection is not expected but effort to be exposed to various tools with attempts to learn about them is critical when considering a career in information technology associated disciplines.
Important Note: There is no specific page requirement for this section of the paper but make sure any content provided fully addresses each problem.
Paper Section 3: Conclusions
After addressing the problems, conclude your paper with details on how you will use this knowledge and skills to support your professional and or academic goals. This section of the paper should be around one page including a custom and original process flow or flow diagram to visually represent how you will apply this knowledge going forward. This customized and original flow process flow or flow diagram can be created using the Smart Art tools in Microsoft Word.
Paper Section 4: APA Reference Page
The three or more sources of research used to support this overall paper should be included in proper APA format in the final section of the paper.
Paper Review and Preparation to submit for Grading
Please make sure to proof read your post prior to submission. This professional paper should be well written and free of grammatical or typographical errors. Also remember not to plagiarize!!!!!!!!!!!!
Important Reminder: Assessment of discussion boards and other writing assignments account for 75% of overall grading and below are how grades will be assessed for this assignment:
Assessment Criteria
Possible Points
Points Earned
Student included a minimum of 2 body pages of written content supported with 3 academic sources of research offering a detailed reflection and literature review of learning from chapters 11 and 12.
Student in scholarly detail addressed and answered all exercises or problems demonstrating application of knowledge and skills learned from chapters 11 and 12.
Student in scholarly detail offered conclusions detailing how knowledge and skills learned from chapters 11 and 12 will support continued professional and academic growth. Student also prepared process flow or flow diagrams to visualize these conclusions.
Student included a paper professionally formatted using APA and free of grammar and spelling issues
Student successfully completed and successfully submitted this paper by the Sunday due date.
Total Earned points

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