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Religious Studies homework help. Need an argumentative essay on ERG Incorporated. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.ERG or Emergency Response Guide is the guide for the initial phase of the hazardous material and dangerous good transport incidents, and is designed for the first responders and is brought in use by the emergency response personnel such as police officers, firefighters, etc. This guide is mostly used in Mexico, Canada and United States, while responding to the transportation emergency that involves hazardous materials and dangerous goods. The first responders present in Columbia, Brazil and Argentina have recently started using the Emergency Response Guide. The guide was produced by the Transportation Department of Canada in collaboration with the Mexican Secretariat of Communication and Transportation. Emergency Response Guide is considered to be the most important, and is available to the emergency manager responsible for dealing with hazardous substances, such as Chlorine gas, that is released in the scenario from a railcar that contains liquefied chlorine gas with a capacity of 90 tons. Emergency Response Guide is used for proving guidance during emergency and helps the development of a plan along with having several other advantages. There are many unrecognized hazardous conditions that may give rise to emergency situation and the ERG helps an individual to deal with such situations and eliminate their effects. The planning process however may point towards several deficiencies such as lack of items and resources (like trained personnel, equipment, supplies, etc.) that can be rectified before the occurrence of an emergency

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