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Religious Studies homework help. Write a 1 page essay on ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE AND STRESS MANAGMENT.Oakland electorates passed the violence prevention and public safety act to facilitate community policing. Deployment of problem solving officers, which forms a very important part of community policing is always affected due to lack of available officers. The community’s participation has also been effective (Army G,Cox and Jeremy M, 2010).Since the 911 terrorist attacks on USA, the RAND has since shifted focus to helping soldiers with psychological problems. About 1.64 million US soldiers have been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Evidence show that the psychological stress toll of these deployments is high compared to physical injuries combat. Several task forces and presidential commissions have been formed to examine the care of war wounded soldiers and make recommendations about their psychological stress. In the recent past, concerns have been centred to encounter post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. Due to increasing incidences of suicide and suicide attempts among soldiers, concerns about stress is also in the rise (Rand, 2010).Rand Corporation mainly focuses on post traumatic stress, depression, and brain injury not because of the current interest, but also due to the fact that these conditions are often invisible to health service members, family members and the public in general. All these conditions affect soldier’s moods and behaviour yet they often go undetected.The Rand Corporation leadership has since made recommendations on depressions affecting soldiers. The Rand recommends that the delivery of care to all soldiers with depression would be beneficial. These recommendations can even save money, improve productivity of the soldiers and decrease medical and mortality costs. Care to soldiers may also be cost effective way to retain a healthy, ready military force for the future.The RDA’s commitment in providing psychological stress stability will ensure soldiers feel motivated so as to offer quality service to the

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