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Religious Studies homework help. Write a 1 page paper on the four principles that guide business negotiations. By applying these policies in business negotiations, one can be capable of satisfying the requirements and needs of consumers more adequately. For example, the first policy demonstrates that by understanding what a consumer needs one should be able to specifically manufacture what is needed by the customer and this eases negotiations between both parties which eventually ensures that the communities’ needs are met (Weiss and Hughes, 2012). The second principle shows that when you as a producer offers a wide range of products or take into account your consumer’s opinions, you enable the consumers to have the freedom of choice which ensures that they are able to choose wisely and adequately on what suits them best.The third policy explains that one should be able to provide accurate information about the product he is selling to the consumer and these lessen their questioning during negotiation which in the long saves on time and ensures that others are served on the business premises. Lastly, the fourth policy illustrates that when one is able to agree with the consumer on the product chosen they both ensure that a fair agreement has been reached since the consumer’s needs have been met, and these enable more service to the community since you meet their demands.

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