Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Religious Studies homework help. In a 200L chemostat you have bacteria growth following the Andrews model, which means that the limiting substrate also acts as a growth inhibitor:?=(?maxs)/(Ks+s+s2/Ki) The feed stream of 30L/hr is sterile and has 1.5g/l of substrate. The kinetic constants are: Ks=0.7g/l     Ki=1.05g/l     ?max=0.5 hr-1    Yx/s=0.45 gr biomass/gr substratea) Find the biomass concentration at the exit of the reactor. b) Compare this value with the biomass at the exit of the reactor if the growth was following Monod’s model. c) Calculate the biomass of a) when taking into account cell death, with a death constant Kd =0.02hr-1

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