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Social Work homework help. Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Visual Searches.I make use of the pop-out effect when searching for my children in a crowded sport function. I begin my search by scanning through the bleachers located in the partitioned sections. I only resort to calling when my searching efforts prove futile.A conjunctive search refers to a searching process that does not limit itself to a single characteristic of an object. however, its scope entails searching for several features. Meaning, a person conducting a conjunctive search has the choice of looking for color, shape and size in one instance. I use the conjunctive search when shopping for groceries. For example, when purchasing potato chips, I examine the color of the bag and the shape and size of the potato chips inside the bag. Using this method sometimes proves time consuming because of the many features that require to be appraised (Wolfe,

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