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Social Work homework help. Complete 7 page APA formatted essay: Supply Chain Management COURSWORK.More so ethics in organization can relate to managerial decisions which entail, organizational factors like code of ethics, compliance and the culture of the organization and individual ethics. Ethical decision making process in the supply chain targets implementation, planning and controlling the effective and efficient reverse and forward flow of services and good and also their storage (Weele &Van, 10).It also targets the effective information between the origin and consumption point with the aim of meeting the requirement of the customers. The ethical decisions in the supply chain encompasses the management and planning of the activities involved in procurement, resourcing, conversion and the other activities related to the management logistics. It also entails collaboration and coordination with the partners in the channels which include customers, service providers, suppliers and intermediaries. It encompasses integration of the demand and supply management across and within the organization. The primary function of the supply chain management is to link the various business functions in Coca Cola Company and other processes in the business. Ethical decision making in the organization’s supply chain keeps on changing. The change arises due to cross-functional integration in the organization (Weele &Van, 16). The integration focuses on relationship management emphasis and aligning of the objectives. Ethical behavior has a lot of benefits such as effective recruitment and motivation, higher revenue, new source of finance and increased recognition and awareness.Coca Cola Company may risk being affected with many accusations if the chain of supply is involved in bad practices. Some examples of foul unethical practices in supply include corruption, bribery and child labor which can impact negatively on the general achievement of the company.

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