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Social Work homework help. Read “A Better Life” under e-Resources in the left hand column of the Content page and respond to the following questions:1. What are your general reactions to this chapter?2. What were the conditions Dr. Thomas hoped to change when he became director of the nursing home?3. How did his experiment alleviate these conditions?4. Describe the experiment and the reactions of residents and staff.5. What does the usual approach to nursing homes suggest about societal attitudes towards the elderly?6. What basic human needs did Dr. Thomas meet with his “experiment”?7. Since his approach proved successful, how do you explain why it has not been universally adopted?BResearch three recent articles (no older than five (5) years) that support or refute major points made in the lectures. (old age, older adults health insurance benefits and the problems)Summarize the content of each article (no cut and paste, please) and provide citations. Add your analysis of the articles in relation to the lectures.

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