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Social Work homework help. Compose a 500 words essay on D. L. Woodside Sunshine Snacks. Needs to be plagiarism free!Lastly, Woodside has the drive, or the motivation (Daft 41) which influences him to exert much effort in innovating new products. For as long as he has the drive, Woodside can show the management of Sunshine Snacks that he deserves the position through his development of innovative products. However,Woodside should not be overly confident with what he can do for it might lead him to egocentricity and become a hindrance to his goal of establishing strong relationships in his new working environment.Woodside can be both a people oriented and a task-oriented leader. Firstly, he is a people oriented leader because he expresses sympathy and is willing to help his co-workers even at his own expense (covering up for George who has a drinking problem), one reason why his relationship with his former co-workers was intact. Although his being people-oriented leader tends to become domineering at times, it can help him easily cope up with his new working environment improving the relationship between him and his staffs. Secondly, he is task-oriented because he can keep his focus on a project until it gets finished and eventually gains a positive outcome. Apparently, the two leadership styles would be best applied by Woodside at Sunshine Snacks. The combination of both people oriented, and task-oriented leader can lead to a high-high leadership style (Daft 57) which is proven to be an effective leadership style in successful organizations.Individualized leadership lies on the assumption that “leaders develop a unique relationship with each subordinate” (Daft 52), then becomes the basis of the leaders in their treatment of the individual, group members. In return, it also gives an idea of how the member will respond to the leaders behavior. The understanding of this theory is helpful to Woodside in such a way that it can slowly put an end to the resistance of his

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