Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Sociology homework help. Q :For each of the following scenarios, indicate whether public, private, hybrid, or community cloud is the suitable model:Your business is your data and your applications, when control over this data or applications are needed, you do not want any external interventions to do the controlling. This business is part of an industry hence; data are specialized to be used by your business. Your company running this business is great to run cloud data center on its own. Your business company wants to usesoftwareas a service application, but one concern that this company has to consider is the security issues. Your company offers many services that many different markets can use; therefore, interacting with clients from different markets is important for your business. Your company offers many applications that most users need and use for their daily demand. Testing and developing the application code is needed. Software applications offered by your business are provided as SaaS from a vendor who is implementing security strategy very well. This company is interested in doing collaborative projects with other corporations. In your company, you may use PaaS in order to do software development for some particular purposes.Q : “Security and data privacy is the main concern of most cloud users”.In the light of the above statement, discuss the issues of cloud security, and what are the possible solutions that can be used to decrease the risk of such issues.

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