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Statistics homework help. Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Health belief model.In creating awareness and educating the community on a particular behavior related health problem, nurses play their relevant role in diseases prevention and treatment. The Health Belief Model, through its procedural concepts, provides a stage-by-stage guideline to nurses in encouraging the patients to change their behaviors for the betterment of their health. A nurse can employ the concept of Perceived Susceptibility to explain to a patient the potential health risks of indulging in a certain behavior. This, however, shall depend on the patientÂ’s features and behavior. For instance, if a patient has been practicing unprotected sex, the nurse can explain to him that he is at risk of contracting the sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. Thereafter, the nurse can use the Severity concept to make the patient understand how serious the risk is and the resultant consequences. The patients can be told how deadly HIV is that it has no cure. The next step would be to state to the patient the Benefits of refraining from such a risky behavior as unprotected sex. Having understood the benefits of behavior change, the nurse can now help the patient identify the potential Barriers that may prevent him from taking an action and strategize ways of overcoming the very barriers. The nurse can do this through the assurance and motivation of the patient. boost his confidence and make him believe that he can indeed change his lifestyle and better his health. Nurses must organize follow-up programs to ascertain the lifestyle change by these patients.

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