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Statistics homework help. Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses OCEANIA.However, the human exploration of the Oceania environment was not without negative effects to the environment. As a result, the change of the environment bears significant impacts to the people and the ecosystems in Oceania. The human activities have been the greatest contributors to the change in the environment. The lack of regulation among the people in the region caused them to over exploit the resources without considering its effects to the other ecosystems.The alteration of the environment caused changes to the various ecosystems in the region. For instance, the environmental changes resulted to extreme changes of the temperatures in the region. The mean temperatures were extremely high than before, and this interfered with the lives of other a biotic processes. The temperature variability over time also influences the rainfall pattern in the region. As a result, the region became prone to interactions with new pathogens and invasive species. These were groomed by the varying temperature and rainfall patterns. Moreover, the environmental changes caused the region to experience extreme cases of natural phenomenon. For example, the alteration of the environmental systems in the region resulted to occurrences of storms in the region. Moreover, there have been extreme cases of floods resulting from human activities. In addition, the accumulation of the carbon gases in the air has resulted to climate change. This is a major contributor and trigger of the temperature and rainfall variability in the region. All these variations have affected the lives of the people negatively. In addition, they have altered the natural ecosystems in the region2.The Oceania region has a unique physical geography nature. The region is divided into four regions that include Micronesia, Polynesia, Melanesia and Malaysia. All these regions are characterized by different geopolitical attributes. As neighbouring nations, the political influence of the nations would be

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