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Statistics homework help. ReadingsRead the following chapter in Shaw, K.M. & Heller, D.E. (Eds.). (2011). State postsecondary education research: New methods to inform policy and practice. Sterling, VA: Stylus. Chapter 2: Can Access to Community Colleges for Low-Income Adults Be Improved? pages 37–54. Read the following chapter in St. John, E. P., Daun-Barnett, N., & Moronski-Chapman, K. M. (2013). Public policy and higher education: Reframing strategies for preparation, access, and success. New York, NY: Taylor and Francis. Chapter 5: Access to Higher Education, pages 78–105. Read Cooley, A. (2015). Funding US higher education: Policy making theories reviewed. Journal of Higher Education Policy & Management, 37(6), pages 673–681. Read Rhoades, G. (2014). The higher education we choose, collectively: Reembodying and repoliticizing choice. Journal of Higher Education, 85(6), pages 917–930. Reflecting on the readings, summarize one or two of the issues that you are most interested in or concerned about. What information from our readings has confirmed or changed what you previously understood to be true about your selected issue(s)? Explain how you see yourself involved in this particular public policy issue in either your current position in higher education or a future position. How do you—or might you—become actively involved in this issue?

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