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Statistics homework help. Need an argumentative essay on The Difficulties of Using Phrasal Verbs for English Learners. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.The rationale behind such a theory is that there exist a wide range of levels and types of multiword expressions which includes idioms, fixed expressions, phrasal verbs, prefabs etc.Grammar courses or EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and / or ESL (English as a Second Language) curriculums and other such textbooks concerning grammar, typically emphasize on the learning of phrasal verbs. As such verbs are comprised of verbs i.e., the content word and particles i.e., the function word, such verbs can be studied and understood with respect to studies aimed at vocabulary building as multiword expressions or in grammar as transitive verbs and separable verbs. Several phrasal verbs lack transparency in terms of meanings i.e., certain phrasal verbs are complicated in structure and form and hence it is difficult to comprehend its connotation in entirety by uniting the meanings of the components, verbs, and particles. The use of such idiomatic meanings makes it difficult for English language learners study and apply such words, even if they are aware of the significance of their use. Although the difficulty in using and learning phrasal verbs is widely known, there is little research concerning this field. This paper on “The Difficulties of Learning and Using the Phrasal Verbs for English Learners” strives to analyze and understand various aspects including the significance of such words, the types of difficulties encountered by ESL / EFL learners and the various ways of overcoming such difficulties.“A unit which is a constituent at the phrase level and above” It is often identifiable with such criteria as: being the minimal possible unit in reply and has such characteristics as a regular stress pattern and phonological changes conditioned by or blocked at word boundaries.Grammar is an integral part of language learning that facilitates everyday communication. It is a key factor that influences designing of syllabus for learners, and the central point of

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