Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Students will write 400-800 words describing a company they would like to focus on for their Strategic Thinking Project. The following headings and sections should be included:
An overview of the company
An overview of the industry
A detailed discussion on how the company provides value for its stakeholders through its products and/or services
This weeks assignment should have:
at least one particularly insightful and relevant quotation/citation/reference (QCR) of 6-30 words (no more and no less) from a reputable source.
Quotations/citations/references should be properly cited using APA 6th edition writing style requirements.NOTE: You should skillfully integrate your quotation into the content of the paper.
Here are some notes on reputable sources:
Great: Drawn from journals and reputable sources like HBR
Good: Materials from well-recognizedmagazines and papers such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, TIME, etc.
Adequate: From most magazines or websites
Poor: Old or obscuresources
Not acceptable: Crowd-sourced sources such as Wikipedia
This assignment should be created in a Microsoft word.doc file and attached in your submission on or before the due date.
Make sure to:
Follow APA Style (6th edition) formatting
Include the word count at the bottom of the paper
Submit your assignment asan attached word.doc. Other formats (.wps, .pdf, etc.) will NOT be accepted

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Students will write 400-800 words describing a company they would like to focus
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