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Topic: Etanercept
Focus: Facilities and Equipment(A specific SOP might cover Facility Start Up and Shut Down , Qualification of Equipment, Waste Control and Management, Environmental Monitoring, Storage in Fridges / Freezers, or Equipment cleaning and storage etc.)
The SOPs are about the manufacturing process and the type of equipment that is used in manufacturing, like fermentors, incubators, chromatography instruments. Facilities in this context means buildings, vivarium, GMP laboratory space.Your SOP should be about how the GMP facilities are maintained, or how the equipment is operated. You could do something very specific like, how to enter the clean room or how to run the bioreactor.
APA format, in-text citation, reference includes, 7 slides: 1 overview slide( not include the references)

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Topic: Etanercept Focus: Facilities and Equipment (A specific SOP might cover Fa
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