Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Topic: Sustainability from B. F. Skinners point of view
Please watch the video Reflecting on Walden II w/ Dave Palmer Also, please read the two papers included in this weeks material
Isolated Desert Community Lives by Skinners Precepts The New York Times
Behind and Beyond Walden Two
Based on your understanding of this concept please share with one another your take on the future of community living that the required infrastructures for such accommodations (MSCIS students should look at technologies such as smart living, IoT, in making such communities a success story, and MBA students should look at it from market and business point of view).
Keep in mind that both Innovative Sustainable Living and Ecodomika-USA are based on the premises of these major concepts of the future. So as you decide to post about this particular aspect of living style for the future make sure you bring your understanding of what has transpired ever since these revelationary ideas were proposed.

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Topic: Sustainability from B. F. Skinner’s point of view Please watch the video
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